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Imagine Ink is a writing community set up in the form of workshop challenges and is designed to broaden your horizons as a writer. It's low committment, low stress, and hopefully everyone will be willing to give and recieve some lovely constructive criticism.

This is a comminuty by the people, for the people. Feel free to post anything and everything that you've written to receive concrit, or even just a seond opinion. You can specify the level of concrit you'd like in your header as is described below, in the rules and regulations section. Our monthly challenges are based on member suggestions, and you can participate in challenges you want or sit out the ones that don't interest you.

I'm hoping that this will be a cool place with cool people.

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We don't have too many rules, so please follow the few listed below.

1. Submissions should be made in the following format:

Title: Because...you know...
Rating: Just 'cause it's always nice for people to know what they're getting into. Anything including NC-17 is totally welcome.
Genre: This might be pretty much obvious for some challenges, but meh. (If your peice is a fanfiction, that explanation should go here)
Squicks: a.k.a. things that might bother readers such as rape, incest, excessive fluff, etc. Again, just to let people know what they're getting into.
Characters: Whether original characters or mythological beasts...
Word Count: Doesn't really matter...I just like to know.
Level of Concrit Desired: Please let us all know how critical of your writing you want us to be. Are you just looking for comments on the style and flow, or do you want us to get all nit-picky? You decide.
Summary: You know the drill

2. Submissions for should be placed as either a link or under a lj cut and entries to challenges can be posted at any time before the deadline. Both original and fan fiction are welcome, as well as, any genre and rating.

3. In order to enter a submission for a challenge, you must comment on all other submissions for that theme. This is including those already posted, as well as, any that are posted after your submission is made.

The reason for this is because the community is set up in the form of a writing workshop. Workshops cannot function without feedback.

This rule will be followed on the basis of an honor code. It's okay if you miss a couple of entries, but please try to be consistent. Everyone loves to get feedback, and it is necessary to this community for substantial growth as writers. Some suggestions for providing feedback are: strengths/weaknesses, technique/voice/etc., suggestions for improvement or simple praise. You can use one, all or none of them as you see fit. Just keep in mind the spirit of the community and try to be positive while posting.

4. Please, no off-topic posts or flaming. It's just not nice.

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