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Challenge #2

Title: Follow The Light
Rating: Not rated
Genre: Disaster Drama
Squicks: Death, on a wide scale.
Characters: General Leonard Franklin
Word Count: 712
Level of Concrit Desired: Style, content, and if I should make this part of a larger story or if it's self-sufficient.
Summary: What happens when one of Nixon's Tourette's-inspired "orders" is actually carried out?

China is no longer the most densely populated country in the world. In fact, I would say it is the least densely populated.

Population: 1 Crater.

I could say I was following orders. I could say it was my first day. Neither would be completely true, but there are kernels of truth in each.

I had worked only a week in Nixon’s administration. No one had time to give me the ropes. The last guy had left on some sex scandal charge or something and now Gen. Leonard Franklin, formerly of the 116th Airborne, held the key to the famed red button. I was a fast mover, no one could deny that. At 25 I got my stripes. Now, at the green age of 31, I was on Nixon’s top list.

To be honest, the order never made sense to me but I didn’t flinch. I’d dropped bombs on countless cities before. We were told follow orders or follow the light. Still, far as I could tell China had not posed any actual threat to us. In fact, weren’t they our allies? We fought alongside the Chinese in World War II, I knew that much. During Boot Camp, Gunnery Sgt. Hamilton told us stories – we could tell we had done something right when we got a war story – of how the Chinese used techniques he’d never heard of but seemed to be damned effective.

So when President Nixon came into my office and, in a gruff, brisk voice becoming of many of the Generals I had worked under with great respect, pondered aloud, “We should bomb Beijing,” I had to think for a second before turning my key. The Vietnamese were our allies in World War II. I guess times change.

As I turned the key, the only thing on my mind was that we’d never learn those fantastic techniques Hamilton raved about. It was a damn shame.
Who would have known that those Rusk bastards would be so damned protective of China? I mean, sure we took down a Communist stronghold, but…

It doesn’t matter. I fucked us. I fucked us all.

That was the first time I’ve cursed since my stint in ‘Nam. And you got to witness it on national television. My parents would be so proud.

I know you’re watching this. I’m sorry. I’m sorry America. I’m sorry Jill, and my loving kids Donald and Allison. I’m sorry that you had to witness this. I’m sorry that this is most likely the last thing you’re going to witness. I’m sorry that we gave Russia nuclear blueprints in World War II. I had no direct involvement in that, mind you; but now seems as good a time as any to apologize for that.

I said it at the beginning of this footage. It was my first week, and I was following what I thought were orders. You don’t question your leader.

I could blame Nixon. I could blame him for coming into the office and throwing out the idea to blow up China. I could blame my former co-workers (did you really think I was going to keep my job after that?) for not telling me of Nixon’s ways. I could blame them for not telling me to wait for an order to be repeated three times before carrying it out. One time was all we got in the forces. Follow orders or follow the light.

But I’m not going to. I’m not going to make anyone look the worse for my error. I should have known that Nixon had great relations with the Chinese. I’m going to take my role as the Nation’s Pariah. The way I see it is I can deal with a few minutes of hate. In about twenty minutes it really isn’t going to make that much a difference. I’m not going to bother building a bomb shelter. I deserve to take the full impact of whatever they send our way. Because I took that choice away from you.

We had the choice to follow orders or follow the light and I took that choice away from you.

This is General Leonard Franklin, dishonorably discharged from Nixon’s administration and soon to be dishonorably discharged from this earth, signing off.

Goodbye, America. I loved you.

(c)2006. Neverlasting Love Productions
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