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Mod Post: Happy New Year, and Challenge #2!

Happy New Year, everybody! I'm excited to get a fresh new start this year!

First of all, as I discussed in my last mod post, we've made a few slight changes to the rules. Please read over the UserInfo, especially if you're new here. Nothing too complicated, just a little tweaking.

And as for our next challenge, let's try with Alternate Reality one more time. The premise here is that you take a moment in history, and change one detail. Then, explore how that one little change could have changed history! For example, what if Hitler had gotten into art school? Would he have been a benevolent leader, not gone into politics at all and just been an artist, or been the only thing worse than Hitler: A slightly more pretentious Hitler, who can only be defeated by poetry major Churchill? Use your imagination!

This challenge will be due on Saturday, February 4, 2006 at midnight, EST, but you may post your entry at any time before then. Word count should be at least 750 words, but feel free to write anything over that. On the fourth we'll start voting, and the following week we will assign a winner! If there are any questions or comments on the challenge or any of the changes to the community, please feel free to ask!

As always, keep submitting your suggestions, both for challenge themes, and for ideas to improve the community. Have a great January, everybody, and I hope to see some entries soon!
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