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Mod Post: Let's get a new start in 2006!

So, seeing as we didn't get any entries for our second challenge, Alternate Reality, how about we try to just start over for this new year? Hopefully once the holidays are over people will be able to get with the participation. ^_^

In my last mod post, I asked if people would rather us stop having challenges, and just let the community work as a forum for constructive criticism, and I received a lot of really helpful comments. As it is now, the community will continue as it is, with monthly writing challenges that we'll vote on. As far as concrit goes, when you submit a story, now you'll add to your header what level of concrit you're looking for, whether it be just comments on flow and structure, or an all-out nit-picking analysis of grammar, style, etc. The reason I created this community (and the reason many of you joined) was that we're all looking for a place to post our writing, and get honest opinions of our work so we can improve.

Also, along with entries for our challenges, I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to post anything at all that they'd like to receive concrit for, or at least just get a second opinion. Anything including fanfiction is welcome, and make sure to specify the level of concrit you'd like to recieve. Also feel free to post any questions regarding writing you have, something you've learned that might be helpful to others, etc.

And so now that all that is out of the way, I'll be posting the theme for our January challenge probably this Friday. First I wanted to know if you all wanted to try again with the Alternate Reality theme, or if you think we should just start over with something new. I want you guys to be able to write about something that interests you, not just about something I think is cool.

As always, keep submitting your suggestions, and have a happy holiday season!
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