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Month 1 Voting Post!

Hey everyone! Sorry this is going up so late...I had some crazy stuff pile up!

Our first challenge, Myth/Legend is now officially over! We had 10 awesome entries! Now, we vote! Please read all ten entries, and please make a comment/review on each one, especially if you entered this month.

Please vote for your top three favorites as a comment to this post in the following format:

1st Place - #/Title
2nd Place - #/Title
3rd Place - #/Title

The comments are screened.

And here are the stories, conveniently collected for your perusing pleasure:

1. Beautiful
2. A Silver Story
3. Greeting the Prey
4. The Kindling
5. The Bear Lake Monster
6. Sauce for the Gander
7. Mod Fury
8. Jersey Devil
9. Cold as Stone
10. The Maenads of Thebes

Voting will end Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at Midnight, EST. Winners will be announced shortly after.

And speaking of winning...is there anyone in the community willing to make pretty banners for the winners? If not, I can make really crappy ones, but if there's someone more talented than I who would be willing, that would be greatly appreciated.

Anywhos, go vote and comment, and thank you so much for making this community's fist challenge a complete success!
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